Friday, August 16, 2013

Time to spare.

With all the free time I've had. I googled my own name (only for privacy/security reasons of course) and came upon my old Photobucket account.
First of all, 'iburntoashes', was my account name, and it's pronounced "i-burn-to-ashes". My high school buddy John Hill would pronounce it "i burn toashes". Which I thought was hilarious.
I only got the idea of 'iburntoashes' from an emo name generator. Yes, I was emo (but NOT THAT fucking emo) in high school. We all go through phases and I just happened to have the saddest one, literally and figuratively.
Anyway, here is the link for everyone's entertainment and enjoyment.
Photo of said John Hill and I at Senior Prom 2006.

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