Monday, July 18, 2011


I feel so old and out of date. What the fuck is this? Fuck Yeah Fresh Generation. Tumblr? I didn't realize such a site was so demanding and popular. Heck I just got back on the blog bandwagon, mostly because a lot I have to say (which is a lot) is what most don't want to read on my Facebook posts and Twitter is hella lame with a letter limitation (WTF?). Anyway here I am bitchez.
Apparently there's a hip new generation of Asian kids that I wanna slap over their heads for trying too hard. They're spending too much time taking pictures of themselves and not enough on their homework. No really, why do kids put so much time taking pictures of themselves? Any time I attempt to do such a thing I feel like a fool. These kids have no shame, aint got nothing better to do I guess. I guess we can let them have their fun right?!

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