Monday, May 4, 2009

rice rice baby!

i dont think ive made a post on baking for a long time! ive been making TONS of rice krispie treats, and you know what? im gonna make some more! i made a cheesecake last weekend. undercooked, then overcooked. practice makes perfect, so ill be making tons of cheesecake this summer. Would anyone like some?
Im getting my license soon! After i get my last two wisdom teeth out ill take my test, finally!
oh and i totally cleaned out my closet! unfortunately, i put away all my winter stuff and of course, it starts raining. all the pretty dresses, shirts and sandals are out. cant wait to wear them!
ooo ooo, i book my flight to maine tonight! im gonna have to pull an all nighter because the cheapest ticket from arcata is at 5 am. blegh. i wont be going til august though but im so excited! ive never been to the east coast. ive been wayyyyyyy east (or west, whichever way you want to place asia relatively to the u.s.) but never past nevada.
anything else... nope. for now at least!

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