Friday, May 8, 2009

diy damnit.

i need to save on money. but i keep buying, make me stop! these are good diy ideas! maybe they'll prevent me from purchasing and bring me back to my creative and crafty self again! i will be reborn!
yesterday, i wore my vintage high waisted skirt all day and to work. i took a picture of myself wearing it and realized that it made me look pregnant. why didnt anybody tell me this??!!
i shouldve known anyway; a tight waisted skirt above a beer belly never has appealing results.

some projects that would be neat to do!garance dore
im not sure about the whole ripped jeans trend, but i sure do like the clean slit look!

the sartorialist
i have a bad habit of spilling food on my bright white t's and end up throwing them into the donation pile (but who wants a nasty t like that eh?) or turning them into rags. so ive decided on tea staining all my old shirts! though, id rather not end up looking like the hemp wearing clad of humboldt... oh well. im helping the earth a bit by reusing something i have and not throwing it away. good for me.
ok im done!

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