Thursday, March 26, 2009

thats rad-ish

Image found at Scanwiches
So maybe i did have a minute, more or less, to search for some awesome photos. I bring you... SCANWICHES!
Is it me, or did i only post up Vietnamese sandwiches to share for you? Must be my subconsciousness telling me to go to Oakland Chinatown for the best Banh Mi. I did have some in Laos, but to be honest, it wasn't that great to me because i love a crispy crispy crusty bread with lots of hot sriracha sauce on top. They didnt have sriracha sauce (must be a U.S. product. lol) but they did have a sweet chili sauce. It didnt come close to my rooster sauce. I'm getting a really bad hankering for it now, too bad Oakland is about five hours away. Theres always Don's Donuts or just making it yourself (meaning, whine to your asian parents to make it for you).
Good Day!

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