Saturday, March 28, 2009


Image from TheSelby
Here are a couple of my new favorite homes to endlessly stare at. One of them is home to stylist (oh how i love looking through stylists closets!) Elisa Nalin and pastry chef Pierre Herme. I have been interested in being a pastry chef and stylist since a child. Though the pastry chef dream has been left behind with my history for failure at baking such a simple food such as cookies. Stylist, well, I guess thats still in the ball park for me if I can only get my foot in the door of the fashion industry (unlikely...). Moving on...
Im going to make some cookie dough and clean out my closet tonight. Anyone wear a size two? Ive got tons of dresses!

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janine said...

i went thru my clothes yesterday too!
maybe its an early spring cleaning thing that been going around, haha
i rearranged my room, getting some new storage cube things from target for clothes (which are all actually in my closet now..yep no bed in there! hehe)