Thursday, March 26, 2009

claim and maim

im pooped. im stumped.
blogs dont necessarily always need verbal content but i dont seem to ever have much to say.
i guess why i prefer images to post rather than actually type anything down. its easier to understand a thought when the whole subject matter is manifested by a picture or image.
have i become that lazy where i cant even write a paragraph down about a simple idea, opinion or thought?
but the pictures that i find are so appealing to the eye (mine at least) that i must share it with everyone! i haven't even posted that many artwork on this blog for a long time, its almost disheartening to think about.
i work almost daily nowadays, and nights i just want to throw myself onto my bed, read and then sleep. Waitressing/Cooking is not fun when you work 6 days a week, from noon to nine.
i guess i dont have the time to waste anymore to just browse online for hours at a time to look for new images. ive been a little more rational as to how i spend my time (im working on being rational with money, but that'll never happen). im trying to actually hang out with my friends more, travel around a bit and work my ass off until i get everything paid off.
Im amazed as to how many goals ive achieved in the 8 months or so. Moving out, going to Laos, getting my permit (license will be soon!), getting good grades, being more active and healthy, etc etc. All this by being more productive and realizing that time is valuable.
I guess im trying to just say that I've a good darn reason not to be blogging as much!
Ok, thats all ive gotta say for now.

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