Monday, December 29, 2008

mighty pants.

finally, sheesh. it's just a pair of pants man.

Illuminati on hand,
another theory of Obama.

speaking of, i still haven't finished
The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and im not exactly too eager to either. its a very, very long book and im hoping of no catalyst of any kind to force me to read it. but if your interested in secret societies, Illuminatis', and conspiracy theories. go ahead and check it out yourself...

Hanna MacGibbon killed Chloe. When I say kill, I mean shot her in the face and left her wearing MC Hammer pants. Maybe she spent a little too much time with her family...

My main gift for Christmas (meaning sacrificing next years Xmas gift, and the next five years gifts of my birthday) was a trip to Laos and Thailand! I leave in less than twenty days. Exciting eh? im feeling some anxiety just thinking about it. One of my flights of the 48-hour plane flight lands in the main airport in
Bangkok and im hoping all will be well there. I wouldn't want to be stuck like these suckers, though their shirts are pretty rad.

I'm drooling at the thought of the endless amounts of thai and lao food available to me while im there.

I wont be limited with just Lao and Thai food though, apparently there's a lot of french bistros and bakeries. That would explain my parents fondness over french bread and condensed milk. In which I'll be eating in just a moment. Mmmmm....Seriously, if you've never tried it, eat it. You'll either thank me for never having tasted such delectable deliciousness or hate me for never having told you earlier, or the fact that your addicted and have gained twenty pounds since. oh well.

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